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11 reasons why you should invest in wooden kitchen worktops

Posted on by Kirsty Fletcher • 3 comments
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{Ad} 11 reasons why you should invest in wooden kitchen worktops and why you shouldn’t be nervous about installing them in your home.

This blog post is sponsored by House of Worktops but all opinions are my own!

I get lots of questions about my kitchen and the most common question by far is from people asking me about my wooden worktops and the maintenance of them.

11 reasons why you should invest in wooden kitchen worktops

I absolutely adore wooden worktops and here are 11 reason why!

1. Wooden worktops look great in almost any kitchen

Solid wood worktops are so versatile and look fantastic in almost all traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.

2. Homely touch

With its typically warm colouration and warm natural tones, wood creates a ‘homely’ feel to any kitchen.

3. Like fine wine, they get better with age

A solid wood worktop only improves with age!  As the natural colour of the wood deepens, it enhances its character.

Unlike many other materials that begin to look tired and worn over time, a wooden worktop will gain in personality and continue to impress.

4. Timeless

When it comes to kitchen design, a wooden worktop never seems to look dated.

5. Naturally hygienic

Wood is a great worktop material due to its natural anti-bacterial properties.

For anyone anxious (like me!) about germs in the kitchen, as long as the wood is sealed correctly with a non-toxic oil, you can rest assured that you have one of the most hygienic worksurfaces going.

12 reasons why you should invest in wooden kitchen worktops

6. Unique

Every wooden worktop is unique with its own colours and grains.

Since no two pieces of wood are the same, your wooden worktop is guaranteed to be unique.

7. Easy to repair

Solid Wooden worktops are unbelievably durable, and any dents, knife marks, child artwork (I speak from experience on this one!) or imperfections are much more easily fixed than with other worktop materials.

8. Strong

The natural integrity of solid wood and the way the worktops are built means they can withstand a huge amount of weight and pressure before they crack, unlike other worktop materials.

9. Wood absorbs sound

Wood is less dense than other worktop materials such as granite or marble. Therefore, when putting something down on its surface, it absorbs the sound and shock. (When glass or ceramic hit a wooden surface it’s much less likely to break than granite or marble too).

12 reasons why you should invest in wooden kitchen worktops

10. Affordable

When it comes to wooden worktops there are several types of wood available including oak, ash, walnut and beech and each has a different price tag attached, meaning there is almost certainly a wooden worktop to suit your budget.

Solid wooden worktops are going to be more expensive than a laminate worktop, but with its timeless attributes mentioned earlier, it will stand the test of time, meaning it’s well worth the investment.

12 reasons why you should invest in wooden kitchen worktops

11. Sustainably sourced

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the wood sourced by worktop providers such as House of Worktops are typically from fully licensed, sustainably managed forests.

Just be sure to check that your worktop provider is sourcing their wood from a sustainable supplier before purchasing.

~ Cons to wooden worktops ~

I always like to give a balanced view on my blog so here are a couple of cons to wooden worktops that you should be aware of, and my tips for avoiding them!

1. Water damage

If your wooden worktop isn’t sealed and protected correctly from the outset, it’s possible for water spills to cause damage (especially if spills aren’t cleaned up immediately) and this can cause swelling and black marks.

2. Surface damage

Wood is softer than other worktop materials, so it’s important to take care not to chop food directly on its surface as this will leave marks.

Always use a chopping board!

Top tip! Ask your worktop supplier for any offcuts from your worktop as they are actually perfect to use as chopping boards. Zero waste too!

You also need to be careful not to put hot pans directly on the work surface! Again, always place hot pans on a heat proof board or separate wooden chopping board.

However, remember scratches, stains and scorch marks can easily be removed from wooden work surfaces with some light sanding.

~ Protecting your wooden worktops ~

When my kitchen worktops were installed, I used a product called Fiddes Hard Wax Oil to protect them which I talk about in another of my blogs called “The secret to protecting Wooden Kitchen Worktops”.

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil offers a protection like no other!

Since my worktops were sealed with it, nearly 6 years ago, I’ve only had to touch up my sink area once in all that time. It’s probably time to sand down and reapply the oil now but 6 years isn’t bad going when some oils require reapplication several times a year.

You may also find this video covering some of my most frequently asked wooden worktop protection questions, helpful too.

12 reasons why you should invest in wooden kitchen worktops

When purchasing worktops from House of Worktops you have the option to order a ready-to-use worktop that has already been oiled with 3 coats of another great oil called Osmo Oil. This is a fantastic option as it eliminates the need for you to start oiling them when they arrive!

There are so many advantages to investing in a solid wood kitchen worktop making it the perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. As well as being unbelievably robust, they most definitely stand the test of time, if cared for correctly. I speak from experience!

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3 Responses

  1. Adele says:

    Ooo this is something I’ve never really thought to consider but after reading this post I see the appeal

  2. Elle says:

    Hi Kirsty, such an interesting read, thank you. Our kitchen is very similar and will look into the oil you reccomend. Can I ask, what colour are your cabinets please?

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