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DIY guide to creating a vertical garden pallet planter

Posted on by Kirsty Fletcher • 4 comments
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DIY guide to creating a wooden vertical garden pallet planter

If you have a small garden, a pallet planter is a great way to increase your bedding planting options.

Pallet planters can either be attached to a wall or rested against a wall (when it’s safe to) so take up very little room in your garden. They look fab too!

Here’s my (novice) step by step guide to a very simple pallet planter! If I can do it anyone can!

~ Step 1. Find yourself a pallet ~

Are any houses in your area having renovations? Chances are they will have lots of pallets that they will be pleased to get rid of!

You could also ask at a local timber merchant or perhaps pop a note on Facebook. You might also find some on local swap or for free Facebook pages too.

~ Step 2.
Time to sand ~

Sand all the rough edges with an electric sander or sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood. If you have gardening gloves, I’d advice wearing them to avoid splinters.

~ Step 3. Time to paint ~

I used Ronseal Garden paint – Sapling Green.

Any outdoor shed or fence paint will work perfectly. I had some left over from our Wendy house so dig deep in those sheds! You never know what you might find!

~ Step 4. Time to Measure ~

Measure each planting section to know how much membrane you will need. Then double the measurements if the holes in the membrane are quite large. It will help to hold the compost in later.

~ Step 5. Cut your membrane to size ~

Membrane comes in lots of colours too so you might find other colours work better with your paint colour.

~ Step 6. Staple or nail membrane to your pallet ~

This is by far the fiddliest bit, especially if your pallet gaps are quite tight. My biggest tip is to try and find yourself a pallet that has fairly wide gaps between planks. Wide enough to get a staple gun at the right angle to fire it directly into the wood! I ended up using a mixture of nails and staples at this stage as I just couldn’t get the staple gun at the angle needed in all corners of the planting area.

~ Step 7. Arrange your plants before potting ~

If you’re going to attach your plank to the wall, remember that those plants at the bottom are going to be quite shielded from any rain so put the thirsty plants at the top and perhaps succulents at the bottom as they don’t need a lot of water.

~ Step 8. Get planting and make a mess! ~

Don’t forget to mix some food in with the compost and give them a good water to help them bed in.

~ Step 9. Sit back and admire your handy work! ~

~ What you’ll need  ~

1 x Wooden pallet
1 x Sandpaper or electric sander
1 x Tin of garden paint
1 x Hammer & nails or Staple Gun
1 x Garden Membrane
1 x Tape Measure
1 x Compost
1 x Herbs/bedding plants
Perhaps a tiny sprinkling of patience too!!

If you’re reading this as a beginner gardener you may find this blog (also written by the lovely, Jenny) really helpful ~ 5 quick gardening tips for beginners.

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4 Responses

  1. Jacinta challinor says:

    Fab tips, planning on one myself as per of our garden renovations x

  2. Oh this is SO cute! I love this project and I love your little shed too xxx

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