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Creating an English Summer ~ Scandi-Style Garden

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{Ad} Creating an English Summer ~ Scandi-Style Garden

*This is a sponsored post with JYSK

This year has most definitely been the year of “The Garden” here at Greenbank Interiors! I’m a firm believer that being part of nature means the outdoors is where we should spend as much time (when the weather allows!) as possible and I find the outdoors a place where I feel most relaxed.

Hubby and I had been deliberating for months on how we could transform this rather sorry looking corner of the garden!

Creating a relaxing environment for myself and the family has most definitely been top of my list this year. I knew I wanted something Scandi inspired (My Pinterest & saved Instagram photos told me this!) and when I took a look at what JYSK had to offer it had everything I was looking for and more!

~What to consider before you start planning?~

So it’s important to have a few things in mind when choosing items for your Scandi~Style garden. You’re basically bringing the indoors, outdoors! You want to create a comfy and cosy area with lots of throws and cushions. You’ll need somewhere to put your drink and favourite book (ignore that last part if you have young children – it’s more likely to be somewhere to stand a plastic beaker but you get the gist!). You should also think about how you will create warm lighting on a summers evening. Candles and fairy lights are a great way to create that cosy hygge (pronounced hue-gah for all those that, like me, have been pronouncing it completely wrong for years!) feel. Who doesn’t love fairy lights to create that magical soft light. I have fairy lights up all year round in my house!

~Create a Mood Board~

I love a mood board to help me visualise how an area of my home or garden is going to look. I use a website called Milanote which is so easy to use. It’s idiot proof! I’m speaking from experience here!

Simply start adding each of the items from a website to the mood board and you will soon see what works and what doesn’t.

This is the mood board I created for my Scandi-Style garden with the items I found on the JYSK website.

~My Step by Step guide to creating the perfect Scandi-Inspired Garden~

Step 1: Choose the perfect seating ~ I wanted something that incorporated a table as we have quite a small garden and space is at a minimum so this double seated bench with a table in the centre is perfect.

Step 2: Incorporate a Parasol ~ We all need a bit of shade so a parasol is essential for the day-time sun. This hanging parasol again takes up minimal space on the ground and gives a huge area of shade.

Step 3: Choosing your Accessories ~ The really fun part!

~Balcony Planters~

I’ve wanted balcony planters in the garden for years but have never found any light enough to hang from the garden fence as they are often made of metal, making them far too heavy. I literally burst when I found these polyrattan planters on the JYSK website. They are light but sturdy and perfect for herbs or bedding plants.


You just can’t have enough lanterns! They are the perfect accessory to create that Scandi feel. Perfect for those summer evenings when the sun is setting. My favourite time of day! If you have children you should definitely get yourself some LED candles to go in them. They are brilliant and mean you can really relax!

~Planter Baskets~

Who doesn’t love a basket and a lined planter basket at that! They look incredible and are so practical at the same time! You can use artificial plants (no watering required!) or go for it and plant your favourite tree. A bay, laurel or olive tree would look amazing!

~Cushions & Throws~

Being comfy, cosy and warm is the hygge way, so soft cushions and throws are a must and these did not disappoint. A super soft blanket when the temperatures drop slightly will be your best friend and mean you can stay outside that little but longer.

And that’s it! Time to relax and enjoy some “Me” time (till the kids come home from school!).

So what do I think of my JYSK products?

Well I have to say that I’m mighty impressed with the quality and everything is so reasonably priced too. Check out the JYSK website to see for yourself!

Find your closest JYSK store here.


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