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Welcome to Greenbank Interiors

Hi! I’m Kirsty, I’m 39 and live in Cheshire with my husband, Ian and our 2 children, Rosie 6 & Abigail 2.

As you may have already guessed, I have a slight obsession with all things Interiors!

I love the modern country style and I believe growing up in the countryside in Kent, is where this stems from.

I set up Greenbank Interiors in July 2017 following a huge renovation of our entire house (it wasn’t meant to be the whole house – there’s a blog post to be written there I think!)

Instagram & Pinterest were an integral part of collating ideas in order to get our house looking as it does today. So when the major parts of our renovations were complete I decided to start sharing it on my own Instagram page. Turns out lots of people also share my love of modern country interiors too!

Greenbank Interiors very quickly became not only a place to share photos of our recently renovated (but never finished!) 1930’s home but also sharing the interiors of other wonderful homes on Instagram.

Greenbank Interiors, a little by accident, has become a place to find Interior & Home Decor Inspiration. I do the research so you don’t have to!

I love to write blogs sharing tips and advice on the items or practices I use in my home which I am genuinely passionate about. I also like to collate tips and advice from my followers. I have learnt so much from them and love to share them via blogs on here.

If you’re reading this and have tips and advice that you think are great for sharing, drop me an email on You could be my next feature!

Finally, don’t be afraid to drop me an email with any interior related questions you may have. If I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I can find someone that will!