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Greenbank Interiors Kitchen – The most frequently asked questions!

Posted on by Kirsty Fletcher • 10 comments

In this blog I answer the most frequently asked questions about the Greenbank Interiors Kitchen.

Where is your Kitchen from?
Our kitchen was designed and built by Oliver at @clarendonskitchens. Clarendons Kitchens is a family owned business based in Lavister in the North West. I found Oliver on google by typing in the style of kitchen I was looking for. I had spent hours on Pinterest saving any kitchens that I liked and this came in very handy when I first met Oliver. I could explain exactly what I was looking for. I had also seen the exact kitchen I wanted on Oliver’s website so bar a few amends, Oliver knew from the outset what I was after.

What are the dimensions of your Kitchen?
The overall dimensions of the kitchen are 15.6ft x 9.1ft (approx!)
The dimensions of the island are 1380mm x 1000mm
The distance from the range cooker to the island is 1000mm (or 1 metre).

Do you have a plan of your kitchen?
I do!

What are the measurements of your Island?
W 1380mm x D 1000mm x H 900mm

What is the distance between your Island and Range cooker?

What colour are your Kitchen units?
Our kitchen units are “Clunch” by Farrow and Ball

My Tip: You don’t necessarily need to go for Farrow and Ball paint as it can be quite expensive. Valspar Paint now do a huge range of paint colours available from B&Q. Perhaps take a look at those if you are on a tight budget. The tester pots are huge so if you are only painting a small area a tester pot may be all you need!

What colour are your walls?
Our kitchen walls are “James White” by Farrow and Ball.
My Tip: Just paint your kitchen walls white before your kitchen is fitted! We went ahead and painted the walls the colour we thought would work with our kitchen before it was fitted and subsequently had to repaint all the walls with 2 further coats of paint after the kitchen went in. If you know the layout of my kitchen and snug area you will know that, that is a lot of wall space to repaint! This tip also applies to other rooms in your house. Don’t stress yourself out with wall colours prior to a room being finished. Paint the walls white, have the bathroom/kitchen/furniture fitted/delivered and then choose the colour.

What type of corner cabinets have you gone for?
We went for this option…

When lots of storage is key to you then I think this is by far the best solution. I’ve had all sort of corner solutions but this is the best by a long way. If mobility is your number one priority this may not be the best solution for you as it does involve bending down to get to your pans etc.

What are your units and worktops made of?
Our units are made from Maple Wood and the worktops are Oak.
My Tip: If your budget allows, go for a unit door made of wood. It will allow you to change the colour of your kitchen (and island if you have one) in the future should your colour palette change! I’m toying with the idea of painting my island a different colour to our units at the moment!

What’s behind your larder unit?
My food larder and my fridge freezer.

My Tip: Try and incorporate a microwave cupboard into your plans. Unless you have a very pretty microwave of course! I hadn’t thought about it when I was planning my kitchen and it drove me mad for months before I decided to give up a food shelf to hide it away!

What flooring did you go for?
I had originally wanted a real wood floor and soon realised it wasn’t practical with a growing family. A friend had used a laminate flooring in their bathroom made by Quickstep and we loved it! It looked just like the real thing but was waterproof! We had also been told that Karndean was a great option but we had such a large area to cover and Karndean was a little more expensive so we went for the slightly cheaper Quickstep option.

What colour Quickstep floor did you go for & would you recommend it?
We went for the Classic Oak Natural colour in the Impressive range. It’s compatible with floor heating (amazing!) and comes with a 25 year warranty! This isn’t an ad! I just think it’s amazing stuff! It’s super hard wearing too! Many a heavy toy has been launched onto our Quickstep floor and they simply bounce (or break!) without leaving a mark.

Does your Quickstep Laminate floor scratch easily?
Nope! It’s coated in a scratch guard making it scratch resistant! Happy Days!

What have you used to seal & protect your wooden work tops?
We have used a product called Fiddes Hard Wax Oil. I can’t recommend it highly enough! I love it! It eliminates any worries over water stains and scuffs. It’s predominantly used on floors which gives you an idea of how hard wearing it is.

What colour Fiddes Hard Wax Oil have you used on your worktops?
We used “Semi-gloss” on our worktops.Click here to take you to the Fiddes website where you will find lots more information.

How do you clean your Wooden Work tops?
I use Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner which has been specifically developed for cleaning surfaces that have been treated with Hard Wax Oil. It’s great for daily cleaning as it will not strip the oils or waxes from the Hard Wax Oil formula. It also helps to maintain the Water and Scrub resistance of the work surfaces.

Can I put hot pans on my wooden work tops after using Fiddes?
No! I just wouldn’t put hot pans down on any worktop no matter what the material. You just never know how hot the pans are and how your worktop will cope with it. My advice for anyone is to get yourself some heat resistant mats.
My Tip:If you are having wooden worktops fitted ask your kitchen fitter to cut you some heat boards from any left over worktop.

Do you use a dish drainer?

Yes! We use this one from Habitat. I take it away for my photos as it’s not that pretty! It’s great as it catches all the water so it’s not sitting on the wood.(*AD)

Where did you get your bar stools from?
Our Breakfast Bar Chairs were from John Lewis a while ago. They don’t do  same ones anymore but they do have some very similar options. Have a look at these or these (*AD)

What make is your range cooker?
Our cooker is a Rangemaster Classic 110 Gas Range Cooker – Cream & Chrome. I love it! It’s fantastic for cooking roasts! Having 2 ovens really is a wonderful thing!

Are those tiles or bricks behind your cooker? Where are they from
They are aged brick tiles from Reclaimed Brick Tile. They are made from original reclaimed bricks! If you visit their website you can order sample tiles for free! Perfect!

Did you seal the tiles?

Yes we did. We used a sealant from Reclaimed Brick-Tile called Matt Finish Sealer.

How do you clean the tiles behind your cooker?
I don’t! You don’t need to if you seal them. The Matt Finish Selaer from Reclaimed Brick Tile protects against oil and water based stains.

Where is your kitchen blind from?
I’m sorry to say my mother-in-law made it for me but the material was from John Lewis but that was 3 years ago now!

Where is your kitchen clock from?
It was from Asda and it was only £12! Absolute bargain! Sadly they don’t make this exact one anymore but Wayfair have a similar version but it’s £61.99!

Where are your café pictures on the wall from?
They were from Next a long time ago!

Where did you get your sink and tap from?
Ebay! Here’s the link!(*AD)

Where are your kitchen shelves from?
They are from a Davies and Foster (*AD). I have a discount for you on these shelves too! If you enter greenbank10 at checkout you will get 10% off your order!

So that’s all the questions I can think of at the moment! I will add anymore that come in and if you have a quetion that isn’t on this list then drop me a comment below and I’ll add it.


*AD – Some of the links in this blog are affiliates links. What does that mean? It means that if you click on a link and purchase that item I sometimes get a little bit of commission. Helps to fund my hobnob addiction! x

10 Responses

  1. Rachael Stephens says:

    Could you please tell me where your radio is from?

    • Hi Rachael

      I knew I’d forget something!

      My radio was from Argos but it was a few years ago now.

      They still do a similar version which is better as it’s DAB which mine isn’t!

      Here’s a link to it.

      Hope that link works and if not try the link which I have added to the blog. (*they are both affiliate links which means the price is the same for you but I may get a little commision payment if you purchase it!)

      Thanks for the question.


  2. Emma Harding says:


    Where are your cupboard handles from please? I am struggling to find black ones for our cream kitchen, and love yours!

    Thank you,

  3. Bev says:

    Where are you breakfast bar chairs from and have you painted them?

    • Hi Bev,

      Thanks for your message.

      Our Breakfast Bar Chairs were from John Lewis about 3 years ago. I’ve just checked and they don’t do the exact same ones anymore but they do have some very similar options. Have a look at these or these (*affiliate links)

      Hope that helps.

      (P.S I haven’t painted them, they are the original cream colour that they came in)

  4. Helen says:

    Love your kitchen! You say you have found your worktops easy to maintain- I have found my wooden work top hard work. I haven’t kept up with all of the required, regular sanding and oiling, and have never been quite sure how to keep it hygienically clean, (are products like detox ok?) I now have unpleasant black stains around the tap area and slightly tacky areas on some parts of the work top. About to embark on planning a new kitchen and wondering whether wood, although beautiful to look at, is a practical choice. You recommend Fiddes, is it really that easy and is it ‘food safe’? Could you safely work with food and ingredients directly on the oiled wood ie breadmaking, dough, pastry etc. What do you use to keep it hygienically clean? Thanks.

    • Hi Helen

      Thanks for your message. I’ve just written a blog all about wooden worktop! Check out my latest Blog “My Secret to stress free wooden worktops”.

      I’ve made many a pizza dough on ours! To disinfect I use a very diluted solution of Zoflora and water but use the Fiddes surface cleaner for daily cleaning.

      Hope that helps.


  5. Annette says:

    Hi Kirsty
    As a newby to instagram I have just found your page a few days ago and love it.
    I have been looking for a pendant light just like yours, where is it from please

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