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Transform your Home with Tongue & Groove Panelling/Cladding

Posted on by Kirsty Fletcher • 15 comments
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How to transform your Home with DIY Tongue and Groove Wall Panelling/Cladding

When we renovated our home back in 2015 there were a stack of jobs that had to be moved onto the “nice to have” list! You know the scenario! The funds just won’t stretch to cover absolutely everything and good things come to those who wait, hey!?

I’ve always loved Tongue & Groove paneling, whether it be in a grand stately home or in a family home. I think it adds a warm country, cosy feel to any home.

I get asked alot about how we went about fitting tongue and groove paneling so I thought I’d pop it in a blog!


So where do you start?

I get asked this question alot. “I’m not a DIYer so who do I need to contact to fit Tongue & Groove panelling? A decorator, a joiner, a handyman?”

For this type of job you’ll need a joiner or carpenter.

If you’re handy and love DIY and have the right tools then of course this is a job you can do you yourself.

How did you find a joiner?

I had a look at some facebook reviews and also put a message on my personal facebook page to see if anyone could recommend anyone locally.

I then contacted 3 companies based on recommendations and reviews, who all came out to quote.

I went with a local company called Chester Joinery who were brilliant.

What next?

The first job was to get the radiator off the wall so I contacted my plumber to come and remove it. It was literally a 20 minute job.

Panelling day!

I was like a kid on Christmas Day! Watching the joiners every move to learn how it should be done! The tricky parts around the radiator pipes and the plug sockets were done in minutes and the whole job of fitting the tongue and groove panneling in the hallway and cloakroom were done in a matter of a couple of hours.

How were the Tongue and Groove panels fitted to the wall?

It was a mixture of glue and nails. Each panel was glued to the wall and nails were hammered in at an angle every 3rd or 4th panel. Another option would be to screw them into the wall as opposed to glueing them. Screwing them will make less mess of the wall when you come to take the tongue and groove panelling off (if you ever decide to!). Head to my beginners DIY guide to panelling a wall in your home for more details. Click here!

Preparation for painting

My least favourite part of decorating! I’m so impatient and just want to get the paint on but my sensible husband loves all the prep so he got busy with the masking tape whilst I bathed the kids! Anything to get out of bath-time!

Prime Time

Then it was time to prime the wood. Again not a particularly fun part of the process but essential if the wood isn’t already primed. The paint will chip off if you don’t.

Time to paint the Tongue & Groove Panelling

The moment I had been waiting for! It was now finally time to get the paint on the panels. I went with Pigeon by Farrow and Ball. Well it’s a shade of green, how could I not!

Adding the finishing touches

~ Mirrors ~

Our hallway isn’t the biggest so we always wanted a mirror on the wall to help give a feeling of space. It took us years to figure out what would work best in the space mainly due to an awkwardly placed light switch. The addition of a pair of mirrors (following a moment of inspiration) has worked beautifully! These mirrors are from nkuku and I have to say I absolutely love them!

~ Plant & Belly Basket ~

Behold the rise of the belly basket! I just love them. They’ve been around for a while now and they just never look dated. Both the plant (sorry no idea what it’s actually called!) and the belly basket are from Ikea

~ Door mat ~

No hallway would be complete without a trusty door mat and as many of you know I have a thing about Turtle Mat door mats. When they asked if I’d like a personalised Greenbank mat I jumped at the chance! Everyone comments on it when they come to visit!

~ Runner ~

This Turtle Mat Maple runner gave me the autumnal feel I was looking for. It also works beautifully against the green of the panelling. I just love their gorgeous patterns and the fact they go in the washing machine!

Panelling also helped to transform our cloakroom too!

We are absoutely thrilled with the result! Good things really do come to those who wait!

For more panelling guides head to my Beginners Step by Step Guide to DIY Panelling in your home. Click here to take you there!

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15 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    Hi, your hallway is my inspiration for our hallway redecoration it’s beautiful. Can you tell me if your panelling also goes up the stairs please? We’re not sure what to do there. Thank you

    • Hi Helen

      Thank you so much!

      I get asked this alot!

      We have toyed with the idea but we have a rather lovely but equally annoying dado rail which means it just wouldn’t work up the stairs.

      Kirsty x

      • Helen says:

        Hi Kirsty, thanks for getting back to me sorry to ask a frequently asked question! 🙂 we’re toying with the idea of adding a dado rail or panelling so good to know you have both!
        Thank you, helen

  2. Michelle Giles says:

    Hi, What is it you’ve used ontop of the tongue and groove please, likewise your hall is my inspiration too

  3. Amar Saeed says:

    Hi that looks fantastic! Can I ask what the thickness of the panelling is? Just thinking it should be thinner than the top lip on the skirting or will probably get pulled and crack?

    • Hi Amar

      Our panelling is the same thickness as the skirting board.

      You will need to fill in the gaps between the skirting and the mdf with some caulk so you’ll need the thickness to be the same or very similar.

      Hope that helps.


  4. Linda Joyner-Smith says:

    Hi Kirsty. I love what you have done to your hallway. Can you tell me where you got the tongue and groove panelling as I am looking to do this in my spare bedroom. Many thanks. Linda

  5. Tom says:

    Hi Kirsty,
    This all looks great, on top of the tongue & groove panels you’ve added a small dado rail just to finish it off.

    What did you use please?


    • Hi Tom

      The dado rail is just a piece of Square Pine Stripwood moulding. Our joiner, who fitted it, sanded the outer edge (the edge you can see when you look at it) to finish it off (before he fitted it to the wall).

      Hope that helps.


  6. Rebecca says:

    Hi Kirsty

    Your hallway looks amazing and I am using it as inspiration for my new home.

    Can you confirm which finish of the farrow and ball paint you used please?


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