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Kirsty’s Christmas Decorating tips

Posted on by Kirsty Fletcher • 4 comments
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*Ad – With Chirstmas only a matter of weeks away here are some of my top Christmas decorating tips

My first Christmas decorating tip are these brilliant (Medium sized) damage-free Command Hanging Hooks

They’re super strong and great for hanging Christmas decorations and wreaths to doors and walls. They’re also ideal for hanging items to painted walls without the worry of the paint coming off when you’re ready to take your decorations down. I’ll explain how they work!

You attach the hooks to your wall or door using the sticky strips provided. (Following the instructions on the back of the packet, making sure to clean the surface to remove any grease before applying!)

You then wait an hour and you are ready to hang whatever Christmas decoration you choose.

They also come in a smaller size (shown in the image below) which are great for hanging bunting etc.

When you’re ready to take your decorations down you simply pull down (not out!) on the plastic tab leaving the paint work where it should be!

My second Christmas decorating tip are these Remote Control Sockets

I actually have my parents to thank for introducing me to these!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without fairy lights so, if like me you have several sets hanging in the same room then these plugs are brilliant!

No scrambling around the back of the Christmas tree trying to reach the plug socket. All lights can be switched off at the touch of just one button!

You simply plug each of your fairy lights or lamp plugs into one of these sockets. Each socket is then connected to the remote control via magic!

They are available in sets of 3 sockets and 5 sockets and come with a little remote control.

We actually use them all year round in our kitchen diner as we have several lamps in there. Being able to switch them all off at the same time makes the process of turning everything off before bed a lot quicker!

My third and final decorating tip are these Wreath Door Hangers

They’re perfect for hanging wreaths on your UPVC front doors.

You simply hook the hanger over the top of the door! No need for any drilling or sticking! Super quick and super simple.

I hope you find all these items as useful as I do at Christmas time!

Please do drop a comment below with any other suggestions.

Happy Decorating


4 Responses

  1. Paula hughes says:

    Love the wreath door hanging tip! No more nail holes in my lovely wooden door this Xmas! 👍 thanks Kirsty x

  2. Paula Ellis says:

    Thanks Kirsty! I have seen the hanging hooks in Tesco but was always a bit dubious tat they would 1) be strong enough to hold your things and 2) actually come off without damaging paint work. Will take the plunge and get some! Xx

    • Hi Paula,

      Thanks for your message.

      We have them all over the house!

      They are very strong and reliable.

      Just make sure you pull down and not out when removing them from the wall 🙂

      Happy decorating!



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