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Transforming a room with statement radiators

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{Ad} Transforming a room with statement radiators

Radiators have often been overlooked as a focal point when designing a room, but they are increasingly being considered, as important a feature, as any other component of a room design.

Replacing radiators can instantly change the look and feel of any room in your home, whether it be a living room, bedroom, bathroom etc.

With their unique nostalgic retro feel, column radiators can add a huge statement to any traditional or contemporary living space.

Another feature within your room design where you can add your own unique style.

Column radiators come in a variety of colours and sizes too meaning you can add them to almost any space.

What are the benefits of a column radiator?

With a larger surface area than a standard radiator, a column radiator releases more heat and helps to raise the temperature of a room faster than a standard convector radiator.

Column radiators are also really versatile. Not only can they add a traditional period style to your home, they also work really well when mixed into more contemporary designs.

There were a few questions I didn’t know the answer to prior to having ours fitted so I thought I’d share them and the answers as chances are other might have the same questions.

How do I go about getting new radiators fitted? 

Call your plumber! It’s not a difficult job but the process will take a few days.

Day 1 – Empty the radiators, remove them and cap the pipes.

Day 2 – You’ll need to paint the walls behind the radiators. Column radiators naturally have gaps between the columns so there’s no getting away with just painting as far as the eye can’t see!

Day 3 – Fitting of the radiators. It’s unlikely that your original pipes are going to be in exactly the right position for your new radiators (especially if you decide you’d like the pipes to come up through the floor) so your plumber is likely going to need to adjust the pipe positions. This entails pulling the carpet back a little to access the floorboards. Once the radiators are fitted you may be left with small holes created by the new pipes which will need filling. Some Polyfiller will do the job perfectly.

Room transformations at Greenbank Interiors using Trade Direct Column Radiators 

Main bedroom




This radiator is the Trade Direct 3 Column Radiator, White, 500mm x 1177mm

Children’s Bedroom





This radiator is also the Trade Direct 3 Column Radiator, White, 500mm x 1177mm

The Study





This radiator is the Trade Direct 3 Column Radiator, White, 500mm x 599mm

Our new column radiators really are the icing on my interior cake! I’m chuffed to bits with them. They really do finish the rooms off beautifully.

*This post is marked as an Ad as the radiators in the photos were part of a collaboration with Trade Radiators

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