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Washable door mats! It’s a thing!

Posted on by Kirsty Fletcher • 6 comments
This is a paid collaboration with Turtle Mat but the views expressed in this blog are genuine and other than factual statements provided by Turtle Mat you can rest assured everything else is my own, honest opinion. My Influencer Promise to you.

Washable door mats! Who knew?!

If, like me, you’ve been living in the dark ages for years and haven’t discovered washable door mats, you need to read this!
When Turtle Mat contacted me to introduce me to their dirt-trapping, machine washable cotton doormats, I was intrigued.

When I say washable, I mean shove them in the washing machine at 40 degrees followed by a quick blast in the tumble dryer and you’re done! I know! Brilliant isn’t it!

So why do we use door mats?

“To wipe your feet on, of course!”

Well yes, that is the obvious answer. They are primarily used for wiping our feet on to keep moisture and dirt from travelling past the front door but there are plenty of other reasons you should be using a doormat.

  • Welcoming guests

When opening your front door to guests, your doormat is one of the first things they see when entering your home. A welcoming doormat is the perfect way to greet your visitors and it says a lot about you and your home. Turtle Mat have a fantastic range to choose from and you can pick the perfect mat to suit your home and personality. Whether you are looking for something classic or fun Turtle Mat have it all!

  • Protecting entrance hall floors and carpets

Your front door probably sees the most traffic of any area of your house and a door mat is an inexpensive way to help protect it from daily wear and tear. Especially if you have real wood floors or a posh carpet. You can also rest assured that the backing of a Turtle Mat isn’t going to damage or mark your floors with its non-damaging anti-stain backing.

  • Pets

Who knows what those furry friends have been up to on their adventures outside! Having a door mat will help to reduce the spread of any mud and germs on their paws.

  • Rental properties

If you are renting a property with restrictions on what you can and can’t do to the property a door mat is an inexpensive way to transform your entrance hall and add a bit of your own personality.

  • Caution: Wet Floor!

If like me, you flood the kitchen every time you wash up, you should really consider a Turtle Mat! As well as coming with anti-slip rubber backing, Turtle Mats are made of super absorbent cotton tufts that soak up the water, making them perfect for use under your kitchen or cloakroom sink to catch water and prevent slipping. When they get grubby you can just chuck them in the washing machine!

  • Mat your house out! Inside & Out

Having a doormat inside and outside your front and back door is a second chance to catch dirt or water off the bottom of shoes, boots or paws. Just be sure to choose the correct mat. Outdoor mats need to be more robust than an indoor mat. They have the weather and temperature changes to contend with! Outdoor mats also need good drainage.

My gorgeous ‘Flock Neutral’ mat fits beautifully in all areas of my home and its super soft under foot. My mat is part of a recently launched new range of mats created in partnership with some of Britain’s best-loved Charities, institutions and designers but there are so many designs to choose from.

new arrivals 

All Turtle Mats are guaranteed for 5 years and signing up to the Turtle Mat newsletter also gets you a free delivery code on your first order!

Head over to their website to take a look at the full range.


P.S It may be too early to mention the C word but they actually have a Christmas range of doormats too!

6 Responses

  1. Kate Khan says:

    Love the concept! Any more contemporary designs planned ? Thanks

  2. Helen says:

    Great blog with loads of advice, love these xx so cute xx

  3. Jay says:

    Love these mats 👌🏼
    Great blog by the way, and love the pics. Is this your house?? x

  4. Paula says:

    Love the designs especially the sheep one! 🐑 x

  5. Michelle says:

    These are fab! I’m going to get the new maple leaf 🍁 one! X

  6. Julie says:

    Love this! What a great idea! With three kids you can imagine the challenge of keeping a house looking and feeling like a welcoming and clean home! Thanks Kirsty x

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