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Creating a child-friendly yet elegant Christmas Table

Posted on by Kirsty Fletcher • 2 comments
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Creating a child-friendly yet elegant Christmas Table

Like most, Christmas day is probably the only day of the year I put any thought into the look of my dining room table.

If you have children, finding a balance between stylish yet child-friendly can be quite a challenge!

Below you’ll find some of my child (& family) friendly tips for the perfect Christmas Table! Some of which won’t cost you a penny.

Invest in a good quality (Non-Iron-ish!) White Tablecloth

I’m feeling rather grown up having just invested in my first White Tablecloth! At nearly 40 I fear I may be a little behind some of my friends of a similar age!

I bought this tablecloth from Marks and Spencer. The medium size (L230cm x W 149cm) is £29.50 and the Large size (L275cm x W180cm) is £35.00. Having looked around for a while these are very reasonable. I have the large size and my table is 7ft long. Link here

Having a white tablecloth is a staple that you can use year after year so I see it as a great investment. It also enables you to change your table theme as often as you like by simply changing your accessories.

With the inevitable spillages from the little people (and adults in my house!) a non-iron (they always needs a little go really!) table cloth will mean you can chuck it in the washer over night if you need it nice and clean for Boxing Day (after a blast in the tumble dryer) without the need to iron it for hours!

And finally, a white table cloth isn’t just for Christmas! You can use them all year round for all sorts of celebrations.

Shop your home for Christmas table decor

There’s no need to go out and buy new accessories. Have a look through what’s left in your Christmas Decoration box! If like me, there’s a lot left in there, dig deep and salvage some items for the table.

Everything you see here has been sourced from around my home and my Christmas Decoration box! Let’s face it, you’re only going to be sat at it for a matter of hours so if you need to pinch some fairy lights from another room or a few decorations off the tree for a couple of hours, why not!

Battery Powered fairy lights

On the subject of fairly lights! Candles and Children (and often adults!) don’t mix so in order to keep those anxiety levels as low as possible use some battery powered fairy lights to add that warm festive glow to your table. With the darker evenings it’s not long before the festive glow sets in!

Invest in a Table runner

You can literally transform a table with a table runner. I bought this gold one from Marks and Spencer and I love it! It fits perfectly along my 7ft table.

There are literally hundreds to choose from and if you can’t find one to fit the full length of the table don’t see it as a problem. You can use them part way across a table or even width ways.

Festive Napkins

Don’t hold back! This is where you can really add some fun to the table. If you have kids, go for it with the festive Santa or Snowman Napkins! You can pick them up super cheap in lots of the bargain stores. No need to spend a fortune.

Christmas Crackers

I’ve found this a tough one this year. On the one hand I didn’t want to buy a pack that would inevitably end up in land fill, but I also don’t have time this year to make anything. The dream is to make my own crackers! Next year!

I did however find these crackers in John Lewis the other day. It contains a box of 8 luxury Christmas Crackers all containing a hat, a joke and a xylophone bar. Each cracker contains a different note of the Xylophone and one person conducts to enable you to play out your favourite Christmas Carols as a family! I’m so excited to play it! I also love that it can be used over and over.

I’ve also just seen that they are reduced to clear so grab yourselves a bargain! Link here.

Head out to the January Sales

And finally, my last tip! It’s a great idea to snap up some reduced Christmas decorations, tablecloths, table runners, crackers, Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the January sales. If your memory is as bad as mine, you’ll get a lovely surprise come early December 2020 when you open up your Decorations box only to find you’ve nailed Christmas 2020 already!

Oh and one more thing! Don’t be fooled by all the pretty pictures you see online and on Social Media! Anyone with children won’t really have the table decor they’ve posted!

Mine will look more like this! Ikea plastic plates and plastic spill proof beakers! It’s for my own sanity!!!

I hope you find these tips useful and if you have any to add just comment below!

Merry Christmas to you all.



2 Responses

  1. Shiralee says:

    Fantastic!!! I invested in a white tablecloth a number of years ago (I was 40 at the time 😂) I’ve just bought two runners from H&M at £8.99 each. One has fir cones and the other has foliage and hops on it!) Tbis year I’ve bought a ‘swan’ from Rockett St George at Liberty so currently thinking up a scheme 🥰

    • Isn’t it just so much fun! 40 is obviously the time to buy your first White Tablecloth then!

      Your scheme sounds wonderfully timeless.

      Enjoy your Christmas Table creating.



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