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Top tips for styling your home on a budget

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Top tips for styling your home on a budget

Revamping rooms in our homes can get expensive but there are ways to makes changes to your home without it breaking the bank (some are even free!).

When I recently asked my Instagram followers for their suggestions on how to style your home on a budget I was inundated with brilliant ideas.

Here are some of our top ideas for giving your home a fresh new look without spending a fortune.

Shop The Outdoors

If you live in, or near a rural area, make the most of what’s around you, responsibly, of course!

Fallen tree branches (let’s face it, there’s a few of those around at the moment!) offer you the perfect hanging branch for your home.

Style the Clutter creates beautifully styled branches for every occasion!

They don’t have to be seasonal either. A more generic look can work all year round and can be added to, for celebrations or special occasions.

Catherine from Pear Tree Cottage is always looking to see what can use from nature in her home.

“I’ve got a couple of ash sticks that hang above the kitchen table and the other above the panelling in our hallway. They’re a really cheap way to display fab things, that help create that modern rustic style.”

Foliage From Your Garden

Dried Pampas grass stems are a really clever and effective way to style up your home. There are several ways you can display it. Here are some fab examples of how Jade over at @jade.doutch uses pampas grass in her home.

Work out what flowers you could dry from your own garden. Hydrangeas are incredibly easy to dry and look fantastic all year round. In September, I cut mine and they last for a year, if not longer.

This was last September’s crop drying! There’s also a super simple step by step guide in my highlights on Instagram on how to cut and dry them.

Nicola from Lana Rose Interiors has another great idea.

“If you have evergreens in your garden, cut some leaves or branches and stick them in a vase. A vase full of greenery can look just as lovely as flowers and is totally free!”

Shop Your Home

Shopping your home for items you already have is a completely free way to change the look of any room in your house.

You can do this by moving things around like chairs, prints, cushions, throws, plants, lamps and interiors accessories.

If, like me, you actually don’t have enough shelf space for all the items you’ve collected over the years, then delve deep into the back of those cupboards and swap those items around with what’s already out.

Helen from Homely Rose is a huge advocate of shopping your home and her monthly blog series “Style it New” is bursting with style ideas for repurposing what you already have at home.

Here’s her en suite project she shared recently.



Feature Wall

Painting one (or two) walls of a room is an inexpensive way to transform any room and you’ll only need a small amount of paint to do it too.

Top secret tip here! You don’t need to spend money on expensive brands of paints! Head down to your local B&Q or paint supplier and chances are they will do a paint match for you which can save you a fortune. Shhhh you didn’t hear that from me!

Online & Local Selling Sites

Ebay, Facebook Market Place & Gumtree are fantastic places to grab a bargain for your home.

Over the years I’ve collected several pieces of pine furniture I’ve bought and upcycled from Ebay & Gumtree, saving me 100’s of pounds.

I bought this TV unit for £60 about 6 years ago! We sanded and waxed the top and handles and painted the rest to match our kitchen units.

Fiona over at My Casa Interiors says

“My nickname is ‘Febay’! It’s amazing how the big brands don’t resell returned items and they end up on eBay. You can get the look at a fraction of the cost. The only downside is you have to be patient. I waited 2 years to find the rug I loved from a highend designer on eBay.”

Charity shops

I love a good look round Charity Shops. I often find beautiful decorative items in them.

Rachel at @spire.cottage says

“I’ve found some absolute bargains in charity shops!”

Lydia from @houseofspolland says

“Make use of charity shops. Lots of beautiful things can be bought there for a fraction of the price and some items are brand new.”

Upcycle Existing Furniture

There are lots of ways to revamp existing items of furniture.

This was a pine chest of drawers I had in my room as a teenager. When we kitted out the nursery for our first baby, I sanded the top back, gave the rest of it a lick of paint and changed the handles.

I found the hand painted handles on Etsy.

Sadly, I can’t find the link to them anymore but I did find another link to some similar designs here.

Sanding back heavily painted or varnished wooden furniture can really bring it back to life.

Another way to completely tranform an existing piece of furniture is to apply sticky back Vinyl sheets like these from Jes Rose Vinyl



Friends and Family

My house is full of items I’ve been given (or rather taken on a permanent loan!) by friends and family.

Facebook is also a great way to get the word out that you’re looking for something specific. You never know what’s hiding in your Aunts garage or friends shed!

Joanne from @meadowbank_house_interiors says

“Scout around friends, family for any unloved, unwanted pieces of furniture, homewares, pictures etc…. garages and sheds can reveal interesting and unusual items. I’ve sourced 90% of Meadow Bank this way.”

Caroline at Fawn and Fable Interiors also does temporary swaps with her mum!

“We both have loads of home accessories so we do a lot of swapping.

Get Creative

Ziz from Sheriff Lodge, Matlock says

“I upgraded one of the rooms in my B&B by finding some pretty cushions. I then framed some of the left over material because I couldn’t find a reasonably priced print/picture to go with them – cheap as chips and looks fab.”

What a great way to tie a room together!

Digital Downloads (where you buy a print online and print them at home) are another very inexpensive way to create the perfect art for your home. I found these prints on Etsy and used Ikea frames I already had. Total cost was about £6 for the 2 prints.

Here’s a link in case you’d like to recreate this.

Another great idea from @happy_heart_happy_home is to

“Re-paint ornaments, plant pots etc to change your colour scheme/decor without buying new things. Saves money and stops waste!”

Sell some stuff to fund a new purchase

I love this idea!

Caroline from @fawnandfableinteriors says

“If I really want something new but money is tight, I look for stuff I don’t really use and can sell and don’t buy the new thing until I’ve made enough from selling my old things.”

I hope these inexpensive styling tips help inspire you to get restyling those rooms without spending a fortune.

I’d also like to thank all my Instagram followers for their brilliant suggestions many of which are included in this blog and many of which have inspired me.

If you have any other inexpensive styling tips, do comment below.

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